Miltoniopsis William Pitt

William Pitt Pansy Orchid, William Pitt Miltoniopsis (Mps.)

Family: Orchidaceae

Genus: Miltoniopsis

Category: Houseplant


Published and originated by Charlesworth Ltd. in 01/01/1923.

Seed parent Miltoniopsis Isabel Sander

Pollen parent Miltoniopsis Reine Elisabeth

Pollen parent of Miltoniopsis Swinburn, Miltoniopsis Pulchra, Miltoniopsis Vida, Miltoniopsis Southport, Miltoniopsis Sylvia, Miltoniopsis Memoria H. T. Pitt, Miltoniopsis Telka and Miltoniopsis Armanda

Previously known as Miltonia William Pitt.


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