Musa basjoo Siebold & Zucc. ex Iinuma

Hardy Banana

Family: Musaceae

Genus: Musa

Category: Perennial

Zones: 5 to 10

Size: To 15' tall

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun


Large tropical foliage, cream to yellow flowers, inedible fruit. Roots will survive in zone 5 if well mulched. Prefers consistently moist soil.


Published in [pub:Somo Somoku Dzusetsu, ed. 2] 3: 1 in 1874.

Native to Japan.


My Experience: 

I purchased a 4" pot from Springhill in spring 2009 and potted it up before planting by the pool fence in summer 2009. It grew to about 30" and produced a lot of suckers, but no flowers or fruit. Overwintered well but the next year again very short. In summer 2011 I moved it to the area behind the garage and it grew a little taller. I overwintered one plant in the conservatory to give it a better start in 2012. In spring 2013 I planted 2 in the Blue Bird Perennials garden. The rest were removed.

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