Nandina domestica 'Royal Princess'

Royal Princess Heavenly Bamboo, Nandina

Winter color

Winter color


Family: Berberidaceae

Genus: Nandina

Parent: Nandina domestica

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: 6 to 9

Size: 6 to 8' tall, less wide

Growth Rate: Moderate

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Similar to the species but slight more refined in appearance. Smaller, narrower leaflets, leaves are held at a 45 degree angle to the stems. Good berry set in autumn - red.

Other Cultivars: 

My Experience: 

I purchased a 1-gallon plant from Nurseries Caroliniana in October 2009 and planted it by the pool fence. It has grown with no problems. In spring 2012 I moved it to the Mail Box Garden.

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