Nerine undulata (L.) Herb.

Guernsey Lily, Cape Flower

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Genus: Nerine

Category: Bulb

Zones: 9 to 11

Size: To 3' tall in bloom

Exposure: Filtered Sun, Part Shade


Leaves to 12" long, strap-like, 1/2" wide. Flower stem to 3' tall. Flowers pink, strappy, in clusters. Semi-evergreen.


Published in Bot. Mag. 47: 2124 in 1820 (but not the named subject of the plate).

Basionym Amaryllis undulata L. also published in Bot. Mag. 11: 369 in 1797.

Synonym: Amaryllis flexuosa Jacq. published in Pl. Rar. Hort. Schoenbr. 1: 35 t. 67 in 1797 and in Bot. Reg. 2: 172 in 1816.


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