Nothoscordum gracile (Aiton) Stearn

Fragrant False Garlic, Onionweed

Family: Amaryllidaceae

Genus: Nothoscordum

Category: Bulb


Grass-like leaves. No onion or garlic odour. Very prolific. White to pale pink flowers.

Garlic with a naked flower-stem, cylindrical, and very long; leaves channelled, and linear; umbel many flowered; blossoms white; chives awl-shaped, terminating with the petals at the base in a tube. (Bot. Repos. - Allium gracile)


Published in Taxon 35(2): 338 in 1986.

Basionym Allium gracile Aiton.

Native to Mexico and South America.

Noxious weed in California.

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