Passiflora maliformis L.

Conch-apple, Sweet-calabash, Sweetcup

Family: Passifloraceae

Genus: Passiflora

Category: Vine - Evergreen

Zones: 10+

Size: To 15' tall

Growth Rate: Fast

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun


Passionfruit vine, 2" fruit with yellow skin and yellow-orange flesh.

From Bot. Reg. The bloom is slighly fragrant, green and white, variegated with dots and circles of red and violet. When the shrub is of sufficient age, and planted in the border within the barkbed of the stove, an abundance of both bloom and fruit is produced.


Published in Sp. Pl. 2: 956 in 1753.

Native to Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador.

Also published in Bot. Reg. 2: 94 in 1816 and in Bot. Repos. 4: 217.

From Bot. Reg. A climbing shrub, natural to many parts of the West Indies. In Jamaica it is frequent in the woods, where the fruit is said to form a principal part of the food of the wild swine. It is also used at the dessert, the pulp possessing a subacid flavour grateful in hot climates.

This species of Passion-Flower is said to be a sojourner with us since the year 1731, and to have been then cultivated by Miller. It is likewise said to be native of Dominica, but it is found in all the West India Islands. (Bot. Repos.)


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