Passiflora rubra L.


Family: Passifloraceae

Genus: Passiflora

Category: Vine

Zones: 9+

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun


White flowers.

From Bot. Reg. Flowers solitary, of distinct colours, but so combined as to afford the appearance of a uniform dull red, about an inch and half over, villous and streaked on the outside, nearly scentless...


Published in Sp. Pl. 2: 956 in 1753.

Native to South America.

Also published in Bot. Reg. 2: 95 in 1816.

From Bot. Reg. A West Indian species, found abundantly in the island of Jamaica, where it is popularly called " The Bull-hoof," also " Dutchman's Laudanum." The first name has been most probably suggested by the form of the leaf; the other derived from the medicinal virtue of the flowers, of which, according to Browne, a tincture is formed by infusion in wine or spirits, used in the leeward parts of the island for the same purposes as Laudanum, having the reputation of being a safe narcotic.


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