Pelargonium echinatum Curtis

Prickly-stemmed Pelargonium

Family: Geraniaceae

Genus: Pelargonium

Category: Shrub - Deciduous

Zones: Hardy to 25 F

Size: To 3' tall

Exposure: Sun


Stalk green, surface smooth and somewhat glossy, fleshy, beset with spines which bend back and terminate in brownish somewhat weak points… the leaves stand on long footstalks, are somewhat heart-shaped, mostly roundish, divided into three or five lobes, veiny, soft, and downy, especially on the under side, which is of a much lighter colour than the upper… each of which (branches) has a leaf at its base, similar to the other leaves of the plant, but smaller, and terminates in an umbel of seven or eight flowers ;… the three lowermost petals are pure white, with a little gibbosity at the bafe of each, the two uppermost are marked each with three irregular spots, of a rich purple colour, inclining to carmine, the two lowermost spots narrowest and of the deepest colour… (Bot. Mag.)

Flowers in winter, summer deciduous.


Published in Bot. Mag. 9: 309 in 1795.

Synonyms Geranium echinatum Thunb., Geranium echinatum var. flore rubro-purpureo Andrews published in Bot. Repos. 3: 158 in 1801.

Introduced to Kew in 1793.

Native to South Africa.


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