Pelargonium reniforme Curtis

Kidney-leaf Pelargonium

Family: Geraniaceae

Genus: Pelargonium

Category: Perennial

Zones: 9 to 11

Size: To 3' tall


...a small, upright perennial shrublet with tuberous roots... In contrast to the soft and downy flowering branches, the short main stem is often covered with the remains of old stipules. Leaves are reniform (kidney-shaped) or cordate (heart-shaped) with crenate or finely lobed margins and are usually 20–30 mm in diameter. Leaves on the main stem are usually larger than those of the flowering stems. The presence of matted hairs give the leaves a velvet-like texture and greyishgreen colour. The lower surface of the leaves presents a thicker hairiness and more distinct venation than the upper surface. Long petioles typify this pelargonium, with awl-shaped stipules found at their bases. Plants flower throughout the year. Flowers are borne in 3- or more-flowered umbel-like inflorescences. Colours vary from pink to magenta with a darker spot and stripes on the upper 2 petals. Six or seven fertile stamens are present. -

Geranium with kidney-shaped leaves, between scolloped and toothed at the edges, and downy; flowers with seven fertile tips, grow mostly by fours, and are purple; stem shrubby, and almost fleshy. (Bot. Repos. - Geranium reniforme)


Published in Bot. Mag. 14: 493 in 1800. This is one of the rarest of the Geranium tribe with so many species of which our greenhouses, and even our halls and windows, are now decorated. It has appeared in feveral gardens about the metropolis for these two years past, and was, probably, first raised from seeds sent from the Cape to the Royal Garden, at Kew...

Synonym Geranium reniforme Andrews.

Native to South Africa


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