Pelargonium trifidum Jacq.

Geranium, Brittle-stalked Geranium (Bot. Repos.)

Family: Geraniaceae

Genus: Pelargonium

Category: Perennial


White flowers with the two upper petals having purple to red lines. Blooms in spring and summer.

From Bot. Repos. (Geranium fragile) This plant seldom grows more than a foot high, but during the months of July, August, and September, it is covered with blossoms, which are of a pale yellow, striped at the bottom with red, standing nearly upright. It is rather a tender plant, requiring a dry stove, or hothouse, to preserve it in winter, being very subject to damp in the leaves; is easily propagated by cuttings, and thrives best in rich mould.


Published in Pl. Rar. Hort. Schoenbr. 2: 5 t. 134 in 1797.

Synonyms Geranium fragile Andrews, Pelargonium fragile Willd.

From Bot. Repos. (Geranium fragile) fertile tips, and thus comes under Linnaeus's first arrangement; and Mons. L'Heritier's Genus Pelargonium. It is a native of the Cape of Good Hope, and was introduced by Messrs. Lee and Kennedy in the year 1792.


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