Pericallis x hybrida (Regel) B.Nord

Common Ragwort, Florist's Cineraria

Family: Compositae

Genus: Pericallis

Category: Perennial


From Bot. Repos. (Cineraria aurita) This is unquestionably the handsomest species of Cineraria yet known, growing to the height of near three feet if encouraged... By night it is extremely fragrant, continuing its blossoms from the month of February, till August; seeding abundantly, by which it may be propagated, producing many varieties; or by the fuckers which are thrown up from the roots; thriving best in light mould or peat.


Published in Opera Bot. 44: 21 in 1978.

Synonyms Senecio cruentus (Masson ex L'Hér.) DC., Pericallis cruenta (Masson ex L'Hér.) Bolle, Cineraria cruenta Masson ex L'Hér., Cineraria aurita , Cineraria x hybrida Willd.

From Bot. Repos. (Cineraria aurita) from the botanic garden at Kew; where, according to the catalogue, it was first introduced by Mr. F. Masson, from the Canary Islands, about 1777...


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