Picea pungens Engelm.

Blue Spruce, Colorado Blue Spruce, Colorado Spruce

Cultivar Thuem Form

Cultivar Thuem Form


Family: Pinaceae

Genus: Picea

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Zones: 3 to 7 (higher on the west coast)

Size: 30 to 90' tall, 10 to 20' wide

Growth Rate: Slow

Exposure: Sun


...with glabrous branchlets ; very rigid, strongly pointed and pungent leaves, in young trees compressed, in old ones often flattened ; large cylindrical cones... (Gard. Chron. n.s. 11: 334. 1879.)

Needles spread around the stem, very stiff, blue-green color. Stiff horizontal branches, dense, pyramidal form. Makes a bold focal point, very distinctive.

Prefers rich, moist soil and full sun. More drought tolerant than other spruces.


'Thuem' - Compact Colorade Blue Spruce - compact irregular mounding form. To 3' in 10 years. Often sold as 'Glauca Compacta' in the US.


Published in Gard. Chron. n.s. 11: 334 in 1879.

Native to the US (Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, New Mexico, Arizona and Utah.)


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