Pilgerodendron uviferum (D.Don) Florin

Cypress of the Guaitecas

Photo credit: Coniferophytus from the Conifers Forum

Family: Cupressaceae

Genus: Pilgerodendron

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Zones: 7 to 10

Size: To 30' tall

Growth Rate: Slow

Exposure: Sun, Filtered Sun


Small tree with stiff, upright habit. Leaves in 4s, scale-like. Male and female cones on different branches. The southernmost growing conifer.


Native to Chile. Introduced in 1849 to Britain.

Published in Svensk Bot. Tidskr. 24: 133 in 1930.

Basionym: Juniperus uvifera D.Don - published in Descr. Pinus

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