Pinus cedrus L.

Photo credit: Original from Descr. Pinus courtesy of Biodiversity Heritage Library - (provided by Missouri Botanical Garden) modified to provide labels.


Family: Pinaceae

Genus: Pinus


This is too remarkable a tree to be mistaken or confounded with other species. Its branches are very long, and disposed like those of P. Larix. After the excision of a branch, the part remaining in the trunk gradually loosens itself, and assumes a round form, resembling a potatoe; if the bark covering it be struck smartly with a hammer, the knot leaps out. This fact was communicated to me by Sir Joseph Banks, and I have since repeated the experiment myself. (Desc. Pinus)


Published in Sp. Pl. 1000 in 1753. Also published in Desc. Pinus 1: t.37 p.59 #32 in 1803 (and in ed.3 #47 in 1832) By whom the Cedar was first introduced into England, I have not been able to ascertain. In the Gentleman's Magazine for March 1779, Sir John Cullum has taken great pains to settle this point, and concludes that we are very probably indebted to Mr. Evelyn for its introduction.

Synonym of Cedrus libani A.Rich.

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