Pinus massoniana Lamb.

Horsetail Pine, Chinese Red Pine

Photo credit: Original from Descr. Pinus courtesy of Biodiversity Heritage Library - (provided by Missouri Botanical Garden) modified to provide labels.

Family: Pinaceae

Genus: Pinus

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Size: 50 to 100' tall.

Exposure: Sun


Reddish young bark. Leaves in pairs, slender, 6 to 8". Cones 1.5 to 2.5".


Native to China and Taiwan. Introduced in 1829.

Published in Descr. Pinus 1: 17 in 1803. Also published in Desc. Pinus 1: t.12 p.17 #8 in 1803 (and in ed.3 #8 in 1832) The specimen represented in this plate is in the Banksian Herbarium, having been brought by Mr. Francis Masson from the Cape of Good Hope, where it was raised from seeds which had been sent from China.


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