Pinus pinea L.

Umbrella Pine, Italian Stone Pine

Tab 6

Tab 6

Photo credit: Original from Descr. Pinus courtesy of Biodiversity Heritage Library - (provided by Missouri Botanical Garden) modified to provide labels.


Family: Pinaceae

Genus: Pinus

Category: Tree - Evergreen

Zones: 8 to 10

Size: 30 to 40' tall

Exposure: Sun


Round-topped shape. Leaves in pairs, 5 to 8" long, slightly twisted and sharply pointed. Cones to 5" long with blunt scales and shiny brown. Suitable for sandy soils and maritime areas. Seeds are edible.

...grows to a considerable height, and is generally pretty straight... The nuts are of a large size, and very hard. They contain kernels which have the sweetness of Almonds. A pleasant oil is obtained by expression. (Desc. Pinus)


Published in Sp. Pl. 1000 in 1753. Also published in Desc. Pinus 1: t.6 p.11 #5 in 1803 (and in ed.3 #10 in 1832)

Native to the Mediterranean.

RHS Award of garden merit in 2002.


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