Protea acaulos (L.) Reichard

Common Ground Sugarbush, Dwarfgreen Sugarbush, Mountain Rose, Ordinary Ground Sugarbush, Sealavender-leaf Erodendrum

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Protea

Category: Groundcover

Size: To 3' wide, low growing


Pink flowers, yellowish bracts with red tips. Appears to have no stems.

See ProteaWorldOnline for photographs.


Published in Syst. Pl. 1: 270 in 1779. (as 'acaulis')

Basionym Leucadendron acaulon L.

Synonyms Protea glaucophylla Salisb., Protea acaulis Thunb.

ProteaWorldOnline lists Erodendrum limoniifolium Salisb. ex Knight and Protea nana Lam.


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