Protea canaliculata Andrews

Groove-leaf Sugarbush, Mountain-rose Sugarbush, Paeony-flower Erodendrum, Swartberg-rose Protea

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Protea

Category: Shrub

Size: To 4' tall


Protea, with channelled leaves, incurved, harsh, linear, and sharp-pointed: flowers purple, and terminating the branches: stem red. (Bot. Repos.)

Glabrous dark green leaves, small flowers with dark red bracts.

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Published in Bot. Repos. 7: 437 in 1806.

Synonym Protea harmeri E.Phillips.

This fine Protea is of recent introduction, within the last four or five years, from the Cape of Good Hope to the gardens of G. Hibbert, Esq. From the particular strong channel on the back of its leaves we have adopted its specific title, and have no doubt that a feature so visible in every stage of the plant will always discriminate it. The leaves are enlivened by such bright red stalks, as, in addition to its flower, render it an attractive object: nor is it so difficult to preserve as many of them are; for the greatest of care is requisite to preserve numbers of this fine tribe from the damps of this island, an enemy they are so little accustomed to in their native clime. (Bot. Repos.)

ProteaWorldOnline lists Erodendrum paeoniflorum Salisb. ex Knight as a synonym.


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