Protea laurifolia Thunb.

Laurel Protea, Laurel-leaf Protea, Grey-leaf Sugarbush, Laurel Sugarbush, Fringed Sugarbush

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Protea

Category: Tree

Size: To 30' tall


Shrub or small tree, well-branched, upright. Leaves elliptical, to 5" long, prominent mid-rib, glaucous, grey-green. Flowers pale pink to cream, hairy, thick beard on the inner bracts, beard is black or white.

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Published in Nova Acta Acad. Sci. Imp. Petrop. Hist. Acad. 15: 464 in 1806.

Synonyms of Protea marginata Thunb., Protea comigera Stapf.

ProteaWorldOnline also lists:

Erodendrum angustum Salisb. ex Knight.


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