Protea longifolia Andrews

Long Leaf Sugarbush, Blackbeard Sugarbush, Embossed Erodendrum, Ermine-tail Sugarbush, Goatee Protea, Long-feather Erodendrum, Strap-leaf Erodendrum

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Protea

Category: Shrub - Evergreen

Zones: 9 to 10

Size: 5' tall and wide

Exposure: Sun


Long narrow leaves. White, pink and green bracts with white fluffy flowers with a black center.

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...growing wild in Hottentots Holland, the flowers of which exhale a slight odour, like mellow apples. Stem 6 to 10 feet high. Leaves pale green, their nerves and margin tinged wtih red, strap-shaped, very pubescent when young, and not quite smooth when old. Heads of Flowers broad, embossed... (Cult. Prot. Erodendrum umbonale)

Subordinate taxa: 


Introduced from South Africa in 1790.

Published in Bot. Repos. 2: 132 (1797-1814).

Also published in Bot. Reg. 1: 47 in 1815.

From Bot. Reg. Introduced by Mr. Masson from the Cape of Good Hope in the year 1790.

Other names listed in Bot. Reg.:

Protea vidua Ker Gawl. - unresolved name

Protea lepidocarpodendron L. - separate species

Synonyms: Protea ignota E.Phillips

Protea ligulaefolia (Salisb. ex Knight) Sweet,

Erodendrum ligulaefolium Salisb. ex Knight,

Protea longifolia var. minor EPh E.Phillips,

Protea minor (E.Phillips]) Compton,

Protea umbonalis (Salisb. ex Knight) Sweet,

Erodendrum umbonale Salisb. ex Knight.

ProteaWorldOnline also lists Protea vidua Ker Gawl. and Erodendrum longipenne Salisb. ex Knight.

R.Br. in Trans. Linn. Soc. London 10: 83 in 1810 also lists Protea longifolia var. nigra Andrews, Protea longifolia var. cono turbinato Andrews and Protea longifolia var. ferrugino-purpurea Andrews plus P. lepidocarpodendron Herb.Linn.


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