Protea repens Andrews

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Protea


Protea with a creeping stem, and leaves nearly surrounding it, which are heart-shaped; waved, bent back at the end, sharp-pointed, and red at the edges: flowers grow towards the base of the plant: the inside of the scales of the empalement are of a bright flesh colour, and the outside of a purply brown, and hairy. (Bot. Repos.)


Published in Bot. Repos. 7: 453 in 1807.

Synonym of Protea amplexicaulis (Salisb.) R.Br. (ProteaWorldOnline)

Although repens is the more general title of this Protea, yet we have heard it sometimes called amplexicaulis, a name given by some cultivators to a plant so nearly resembling the one now figured, that, when it arrives at a flowering state, it will most probably prove to be no more than a variation of culture. (Bot. Repos.)

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