Protea saligna Andrews

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Protea


Protea with oblique, lance-shaped, hairy leaves: heads of flowers oblong, involucrated, and terminal. Female flowers terminate the branches with an ovate cone about the size of a pea, surrounded by a two-coloured involucrum. (Bot. Repos.)


Published in in Bot. Repos. 9: 572.

Synonym of Leucadendron floridum R.Br. (from Brown).

Protea saligna, in the Species Plantarum of Linnaeus, is considered as only a variety of P. conifera, but is certainly specifically distinct in its foliage, however resembling in other particulars. Finding, soon after we had made our drawing, a female plant in fine bloom, we have annexed a branch of it on the same plate, to elucidate as much as possible the apparent confusion that at present seems to pervade this section of the Genus Protea. The P. saligna of Thunberg, enumerated by Willdenow, we have no doubt, describes the female specimen we have represented, the cone being there mentioned as about the size of a pea, and which exactly accords with our figure. (Bot. Repos.)

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