Protea umbellata Thunb.

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Protea


Published in Diss. Prot. 32 in 1781.

Basionym of Aulax umbellata (Thunb.) R.Br.

The Protea umbellata has been cultivated in England since the year 1777, at which time is was raised from seeds; received from the Cape of Good Hope by Messrs. Lee and Kennedy, Hammersmith, at whose nursery our figure was taken in the month of August 1800... We have, as usual, adopted the name this plant is generally known by, it having been so named by the younger Linnaeus in his Suppl. Plant. 118, and by Thunberg in his Dissertatio de Protea, n. 34, and his Produmus 26. But why or how a small, close head of flowers may be denominated an umbel we must confess our ignorance in this application of terms. (Bot. Repos.)

Listed also by L. in Suppl. Pl. 118 in 1781, Lam. in Tabl. Encycl. 1: 237 # 1242 in 1791, Willd. in Sp. Pl., ed. 4 1(2): 520 in 1798, Andrews in Bot. Repos. 4: 248 in 1802, Poir. in Encycl. (J. Lamarck et al.) (Poiret) 5: 650 in 1804.

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