Punica granatum var. flore albo

Family: Lythraceae

Genus: Punica

Parent: Punica granatum


Published in Bot. Repos. 2: 96 in 1800 as a variety of Punica granatum by Andrews.

This handsome variety of the common Pomegranate, (for it cannot be considered as a species,) will, it is to be hoped, prove an agreeable addition to our gardens; though not as a fruit tree, yet as an ornamental plant, of the middling hardy class... a fine branch, in full flower, was obligingly communicated by Lady Hume, from her select collection at Wormley Bury, Herts; from which our figure was taken, and where it was then flowering for the first time in England. Her Ladyship had received the plant, amongst a number of others, from China, in the year 1796. (Bot. Repos.)

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