Rhododendron luteum Sweet

Yellow Azalea, Sweet-pontic Azalea

Family: Ericaceae

Genus: Rhododendron

Category: Shrub - Deciduous

Size: To 10' tall


Yellow flowers in spring before the leaves, fragrant.

From Bot Repos. (Azalea pontica) ...it grows to the height of seven or eight feet, and that the flowers are of a most exquisite flavour... It is a deciduous shrub, extremely hardy, and blows early in the spring; is propagated, like other Azaleas, by layers and seeds; grows best in peat earth, with a small portion of loam.


Published in Hort. Brit. (Sweet), ed. 2 343 in 1830.

Native to Turkey, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Yugolsavia and the Caucasus.

Synonym Azalea pontica L.

From Bot Repos. (Azalea pontica) It is a native of the coast of the Black Sea, or Pontus Euxinus, through the whole of its extent, on the Asiatic side, from the city of Trebisonde; from whence its trivial name... Dr. P. Pallas, in his Flora Rossica, has likewise figured, and described it, under the name it here bears; but apparently his drawing was made from a dried specimen, as the brilliancy of the flower is by no means preserved ; but it is to him we are indebted for this fine plant. In his voyage to the Crimea and countries adjacent, in 1792, he procured the seeds of this, amongst many other valuable and rare plants; parcels of most of which were sent by him to Messrs. Lee and Kennedy, Hammersmith...


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