Rosa provincialis var. muscosa Mill.

Family: Rosaceae

Genus: Rosa


The species in the genus Rosa were in 1815 and still are intertwined and confused. The original Moss Rose, Rosa muscosa Mill. 1768, may be a variety of the Cabbage Rose, Rosa x centifolia L. 1753, or a separate species. R. provinicialis is now considered a synonym of Rosa x centifolia. It was published in Gard. Dict., ed. 8 Rosa 18 in 1768.

Also published in Bot. Reg. 1: 53 in 1815.

From Bot. Reg. The only evidence we know of a mutual variation between the Moss and Common Rose, is the similarity of the two in all points except the moss-like viscous efflorescence of the first; a difference of such a nature as may be easily supposed incidental, and indeed is admitted to be so in one of the varieties of another species of the genus.

Other names listed in Bot. Reg.:

Rosa muscosa Mill. - unresolved

Rosa burgundiaca var. provinicalis Persoon - unresolved

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