Salvia chamaedrifolia Andrews

Family: Lamiaceae

Genus: Salvia


From Bot. Repos. Sage, with oval rough obsoletely notched leaves, terminal naked four-flowered whorls, and chives shorter than the blossom.


Published in Bot. Repos. 6: 416 in 1805: We believe that A. B. Lambert, Esq. was the first introducer of it, and that gentleman thinks he received the seeds of it from Spain. The first time of our seeing it was at J. Vere's, Esq. in the autumn of 1802, where it was cultivated as a green-house shrub, and by the name of S. citrina, a name that well expresses the charming odour of its leaves when gently rubbed; which not a little resembles the pleasing, well-known scent of Lemon Thyme.

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