Serruria aemula Salisb. ex Knight

Strawberry Spiderhead, Rival Serruria, Tygerberg Spiderhead

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Serruria

Category: Shrub

Size: To 28" tall


Sprawling form. Finely dissected foliage, pink flowers, fragrant. Endangered.

See ProteaWorldOnline andPlantzAfrica for photographs.

Leaves 5 to 8 lines long, a few simple, the rest 5-fid from below their middle, glossy. Head of Flowers nearly sessile. Bractes long, linear-attenuated, hairy. Petals bearded with longer hairs... Anthers mucronated. (Cult. Prot.)

Subordinate taxa: 


Published in Cult. Prot. 89 in 1809. ...discovered by Mr. J. Niven near Tigerberg.

Native to South Africa.

Synonyms: Serruria ciliata R.Br., Serruria ciliata var. congesta (R.Br.) Hutch., Serruria congesta R.Br., Serruria foeniculacea R.Br. (African Plant Database but accepted by ProteaWorldOnline).

ProteaWorldOnline also lists Protea glomerata Willd ex Meisn, Serruria arenaria Salisb. ex Knight.

They list variety 'congesta' with additional synonyms Protea abrotanifolia var. minor Andrews, Serruria emarginata Sweet and phylicoides Willd ex Meisn 1856.


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