Serruria collina Salisb. ex Knight

Lost Spiderhead, Hill Serruria

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Serruria

Category: Groundcover

Size: To 4" tall


Sprawling. Pink and white flowers.

'Flagellaris' has white flowers.

See ProteaWorldOnline for photographs.

Leaves 1 1/2 to 2 inches long, incurved-erect, 2-pinnatifid from their middle, glossy. Panicle short, broadly conical. Bractes long, wedge-shaped, thinly cottony at their base. Style a little curved. (Cult. Prot.)


Published in Cult. Prot. 86 in 1809.

Native to South Africa.

Synonym Serruria flagellifolia R.Br., Protea flagellaris Poir. (ProteaWorldOnline).


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