Serruria gracilis Salisb. ex Knight

Graceful Spiderhead, Fine Spiderhead

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Serruria

Category: Groundcover

Size: To 4" tall


Large pink flowerheads, linear, tubular foliage.

See ProteaWorldOnline for photographs.

Protea with winged leaves : flowers grow in round terminal heads : blossoms red and hairy. (Bot. Repos. Protea pinnata)

The Stem is very slender, trailing upon the ground... I trust therefore that Mr. Andrews will see the propriety of my retaining the name sent along with it, by Mr. J. Niven. (Cult. Prot.


Published in Cult. Prot. 81 in 1809. ...Mr. J. Niven discovered it...

Native to South Africa.

Synonym Serruria phylicoides auct. (African Plant Database).

ProteaWorldOnline lists also: Protea pinnata Andrews, pinnata var longifolia Meisn. 1856.


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