Serruria millefolia Salisb. ex Knight

Milleleaf Spiderhead

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Serruria

Category: Shrub

Size: To 3' tall


Large pink flowerheads, among the leaves.

See ProteaWorldOnline for photographs.

Leaves 5 to 7 inches long, 2-pinnatifid from their base, somewhat hairy. Peduncle as long as the Head, or longer, hairy. Bractes near their edge externally hairy. Stigma truncated. (Cult. Prot.)


Published in Cult. Prot. 79 in 1809. ...Mr. J. Niven collected seeds raised at Clapham in 1800.

Native to South Africa.

Documentation in ProteaWorldOnline lists synonyms: Serruria stilbe R.Br., Protea stilbe Poir, Serruria abrotanifolia Salisb. ex Knight, Protea sphaerocephala Willd. ex Spreng., Serruria hirsuta P.J.Bergius ex Meisn., Serruria commutata Endl., Serruria thunbergii Endl., Serruria andrewsii Endl., Protea triternata Andrews, Protea villosa Thunb.


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