Spatalla parilis Salisb. ex Knight

Spike Spoon, Matched Spatalla

Family: Proteaceae

Genus: Spatalla

Category: Shrub

Size: To 5' tall


Pink flowers, short, needle-like leaves.

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Leaves 1/2 of a line broad, 5 to 7 long, reclined-spreading. Spike long. Bractes very narrow. (Cult. Prot.)


Published in Cult. Prot. 75 in 1809. Mr. J. Roxburgh discovered it on Stellenbosch mountains, and it is now flowering in Messrs. Lee and Kennedy's nursery. Native to South Africa.

Synonyms Spatalla bolusii E.Phillips and Spatalla bombycina Salisb. ex Knight.

ProteaWorldOnline adds Spatalla polystachya R.Br. and Spatalla pyramidalis R.Br.


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