Styphelia triflora Andrews

Pink Five-corners

Family: Ericaceae

Genus: Styphelia

Category: Shrub

Size: To 6' tall


Bushy shrub. Leaves elliptical, entire. Flowers pink to red, occasionally white to yellow, tubular. Succulent fruit.

...did not flower till this year, in the month of June, continuing in blossom through July, and part of August. It grows to the height of near three feet, branching but little; the whole stem being hid by the leaves... (Bot. Repos.)


Published in Bot. Repos. 1: 72 in 1799.

PlantList shows the status as unresolved.

Native to Australia.

The S. triflora was raised from seed at Clapham in 1796... (Bot. Repos.)


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