Tabebuia heterophylla (DC.) Britton

Pink Trumpet Tree, Pink Tab, Pink Manjack

Family: Bignoniaceae

Genus: Tabebuia

Category: Tree - Deciduous

Zones: 10 to 11

Size: To 50' tall

Exposure: Sun


Trumpet shaped, pink flowers in clusters in late winter. Semi-evergreen. Dome shape. Requires well-drained soil.


Published in Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 2: 48 in 1915.

Basionym is Raputia heterophylla DC.

Synonyms: Bignonia leucoxylon L., Bignonia pentaphylla L. nom. illeg.

Native to the Caribbean and Honduras.

From Bot. Repos. (Bignonia leucoxylon) This species of Bignonia is well known in most collections of hothouse plants, and was first introduced to the Chelsea gardens by Mr. P. Miller, the then gardener, in 1759, and may be found described in his Dictionary.... Being a native of the West Indies...


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