Thunbergia fragrans Roxb.

White Thunbergia, White Lady, White Nightshade

Family: Acanthaceae

Genus: Thunbergia

Category: Vine - Evergreen

Zones: 10+

Size: 8' tall

Growth Rate: Fast

Exposure: Sun


From Bot. Repos. Thunbergia with egg-shaped, tapering leaves, a little toothed; blossom white, salver-shaped, the tube flattened; stem twining.

Flowers from spring through summer, fragrant, attractive to bees and butterflies.

Considered invasive and a noxious weed in some parts of the world.


Published in Pl. Coromandel 1: 47 in 1796.

Also published in Bot. Repos. 2: 123 in 1800.

Native to China, Nepal, Taiwan, India, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and the Philippines.

Introduced to Britain in 1796.


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